We have an industry standard, time tested; robust switch for routing of transactions originated from various delivery channels like ATM, Point of Sale terminals etc. This switch is capable of providing different value added services like Mobile Top Up, Interface for connecting to other switch networks like NPCI, BANCS etc., VISA/Master Card Interchange as well as interface to provide ASP services to other banks. The switch infrastructure is fully backed by on-line real time contingency system at a remote geographical area. All the facilities are manned and monitored on a 24x7 basis.
Cosmos eSolutions maintains the products and services and people skills with constant updates to hardware and software and by skills updates to personnel. Fully trained operational manpower at production and contingency sites manage the switch and related systems on 24x7 basis.
Cosmos eSolutions provides
  • Consultancy for networking of ATMs and joining NPCI network.
  • Driving the ATMs through COSMOS~ Switch
  • ATM management and monitoring
  • Switch to drive the ATMs installed for your bank and route transactions for online authorization
  • Switch would also enable ATM sharing arrangement
  • Daily Settlement responsibility
  • Assist in reconciliation and DMS
  • Responsibility for disputes management