This Product is developed as a scalable and configurable solution for banking customers. By retaining the Core Banking capabilities the solution is designed with the vision of
  • Usability
  • Availability
  • Configurability
  • Audit & Control
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Compliance to technical standards
A comprehensive and yet perfectly priced offering created specially to meet the needs of Co-operative Banks . A secure, scalable and reliable product which makes life easier for your retail and corporate customers. Backed by years of experience with banks across the world, our Banking Domain Experts have brought in the best international standards into conceptualizing and developing this Product.
Key Differentiators and Value Proposition
Plug and play with Core Banking System

Internet banking product is a Plug and Play solution for the Finacle Core Banking System. It can also be interfaced with any other core banking application. It is Fast, Easy to deploy and configurable. This helps to reduce time to market and hence is very cost effective for banks.
Multi-tiered Architecture and Highly Scalable

Standard enterprise class application which features a multi-tiered implementation for its interface, business logic processing and data store. This allows for platform independency, extensibility, scalability, reliability. Integrates with CBS, which guarantees fast, accurate, secure information delivery. Straight through transaction processing using standard ISO8385 Messaging makes for a platform independent solution.
Highly Configurable

Product is highly configurable and customizable to meet banks' requirements both today and in the future. The configurability helps to achieve the desired control over various important parameters.
  • Email and SMS Alert
    Timely information, delivered by personalized alerts, allows customer to react quickly to changes and opportunities.
  • Enriched Administration Capabilities
    Reduce operational costs with comprehensive and efficient integrated administration and management tools.
  • Extensive Security
    Security is a top priority for any financial services organization. Security concerns have been addressed from every angle within the architecture of the Internet Banking.
Multifactor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an extra level of security.
  • Theme Picture and theme text Verification.
  • Username and Login Password verification.
  • Transaction Password verification.
  • One Time Password(OTP) verification.