Core Banking (Finacle) implementation and Support
Core Banking (CBS) is an enterprise banking solution that enables Banks to provide full range of banking services and content to customers with different user profiles, efficiently and reliably. As it is the core company's business, Cosmos eSolutions focuses to constantly research, develop and introduce broad range of banking functions, security, technology and modern web experience, so the development roadmap in business features and technology can ensure continuous evolution and longest lifecycle. While focusing entirely on banking software, the company developed extensive practice in integration technologies to core/online banking systems. Company’s support and maintenance services are ready to prove their quality on the rare occasions while emergency situations had to be covered. Standard support package also includes business-critical support in and upgrade for Finacle (Core Banking Software).
ATM Switch Sharing Services
We have an industry standard, time tested; robust switch for routing transactions originated from various delivery channels like ATM, Point of Sale (POS) terminals etc. This switch is capable of providing different value added services like Mobile Top Up, Interface for connecting to other switch networks like NPCI, BANCS etc., VISA/Master Card Interchange as well as interface to provide ASP services to other banks. The switch infrastructure is fully backed by on-line real time contingency system at a remote geographical area. All the facilities are manned and monitored on a 24x7 basis.
Cosmos eSolutions maintains the products and services and people skills with constant updates to hardware and software and by skills updates to personnel. Fully trained operational manpower at production and contingency sites manage 24x7x365 the switch and related systems.
Cosmos eSolutions provides:-
  • Consultancy for networking of ATMs and joining NPCI network.
  • Driving the ATMs through COSMOS~ Switch.
  • ATM management and monitoring.
  • Switch to drive the ATMs installed for your bank and route transactions for online authorization.
  • Switch would also enable ATM sharing arrangement.
  • Daily Settlement responsibility.
  • Assist in reconciliation and DMS.
  • Responsibility for disputes management.
IT organizational planning
We serve the purpose organization planning of the IT department depending on its strategy. We make sure that the IT department does not have problems related or caused by the structure. The process is based on collection of facts, and making strategic decisions about how the IT department wishes to succeed. A well-defined approach that will:
  • Allow the IT departments to quickly adapt a ready design.
  • Clarify process steps as it is applied by example.
  • Encourage customization and tuning according to specific IT department needs and
  • Eliminate Job conflicts.
Configuration Management Deployment
A well-defined management process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life.
A technical-administrative discipline ensures that all parties to the acquisition of a product have common understanding. CM accomplishes this through entire control of the product defining and technical data.
Consulting & Services
We offer IT consultancy services that are based on a broader approach, based on extensive banking knowledge, technology and market. Our consulting strategy can help you control costs, improve delivery and manage risks. Our success is based on providing value through expertise and specialization. We are dedicated to long-term relationship with our clients. This gives the knowledge to understand their needs and to provide strategic solutions for our clients.
Systems Integration
System Integration is one of the activities of the Project/Product lifecycle. The project/product starts with a set of product needs and ideas, and results in a system that:
  • Fits in customer’s needs and context.
  • Can be ordered, manufactured, installed, maintained, serviced and disposed.
  • Fits the business needs.
During these processes many we ensure that businesses can begin to operate more holistically, with systems working together to build a corporate memory and much deeper relationships with customers and business partners. We make sure that business partner has
  • Seamless flow of information between systems.
  • Reduced duplication of processes and documents.
  • Greater co-operation between departments.
  • Ability to add greater value to each transaction.
  • Greater chance of understanding business/market trends.
Sharing of CBS, Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Site
Besides supporting the CBS Finacle system Cosmos eSolutions is very efficient in sharing not only the CBS system, but also the datacentre and DR site. This reduces the early investment cost of Infrastructure for the client. Moreover the client gets fully tested and proven systems for them to share, that reduces the considerable implementation time.
Project Management
With extensive application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, people, and systems we exceed stakeholder needs and expectation. With far reaching Project management skill and discipline that will support the planning, implementation, tracking we best can control the projects.
Software Development
The vast experience in the banking sector and the IT software’s, Cosmos eSolutions has developed many in-house application catering to the needs of the banks. With this knowledge Cosmos eSolutions is in a position to offer this experience to clients and help them to customize and develop small applications which provides value addition, which market products cannot offer.
Systems and IT audit
Internally staffing the System and IT audit function is difficult for companies due to the complexity of most IT environments and requires several IT auditors. Cosmos eSolutions will partner with your Internal Audit department to perform audits in the high-risk IT areas that management and the Audit Committee need to address immediately. Our experienced audit professionals identify higher quality audit findings and provide real solutions to assist your systems and IT department in strengthening your company's controls.
IT Security
Typically, Security involves applications such as anti-virus software, Licenses delivered over the Internet. Offers a number of benefits, including:
  • Constant virus definition updates that are not reliant on user compliance.
  • Greater security expertise than is typically available within an organization.
  • Faster user provisioning.
  • Outsourcing of administrative tasks, such as log management, to save time and money and allow an organization to devote more time to its core competencies.
  • A Web interface that allows in-house administration of some tasks as well as a view of the security environment and on-going activities.
Applications and Systems procurement
Additional service Cosmos eSolutions offers is guiding and consulting the clients in procuring applications and hardware. With the gained banking knowledge Cosmos eSolutions can accurately help the clients in procuring the correct applications and systems required by the bank.